Naughty History’s Studen

I approach Miha‘s desk to check her homework, ı asked ”have you finish your homework” Miha answered yes. after ı check, the homework ı noticed that wasn’t all. her excuse didn’t have time because she designed the new school uniform. Miha asked me to do you want to see. ı accept her offer cause I wanted to see what can be more important than history. she excitedly goes to the locker room, after a couple of minutes she came back with a naughty new school uniform on her. she was dazzling, stockings, mini skirt and tiny sexy top even smaller than a bra.

I was stunned at what I saw my blood pressure dropped. I told her that it wasn’t an appropriate outfit for school. Even when I said that I wanted to fuck her. She approached me and started opening the buttons on my shirt from top to bottom. Miha goes even more down she got rid of my belt, stripped-down my pants, she releases my dick. She put it in her mouth, started to lick slowly. this was my first blowjob by a student ı felt guilty these emotions made me 10 times more horny. I put it all in her mouth she took it all without any difficulty. I took it out of her mouth and ı put her on the table. I started to slide my Cock on her wet pussy lips slowly, Her moanings turned me on more. It felt great to fuck my student, couldn’t believe it was real, her pussy was better than all the pussies I fucked.

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